STAND Family Counselinggraph


In a clinical trial with 36 families, STAND Family Counseling was compared to receiving help in the community1. By the end of the program, students who participated in STAND:

  • Wrote a greater percentage of homework ina daily planner
  • Were more organized with their school belongings
  • Displayed larger reductions in parent rated inattention graph 2symptoms
  • Displayed fewer parent rated academic problems in school
  • Showed significantly improved GPAs

STAND Organization Classes

In an open trial of 28 families, students who received STAND Organization Classes were compared to students on a waitlist2. After finishing STAND parents rated student improvement.


Summer Program for Middle and High School Students

In four open trials of our summer program (73 students) research indicates that:

  • 80% of families showed reductions in quantity of parent-teen arguments after completing the program 3
  • 100% of students averaged a passing score on all organization checks by the final three weeks of the program 4
  • 90% of students demonstrated daily job performance that exceeded supervisor expectations during the final three weeks of the program 4
  • 100% of parents indicated that their teen improved at least somewhat after completing the summer program 5


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